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Welcome to Ceramic Heaven

Sami Rinne is a Finnish ceramic designer who has created ceramic art and household tableware over three decades. Sami designs and creates all these items by hand. Design is stylish and timeless. Welcome to fall in love with the Sami's ceramics!


From this site you can also buy your favourites. Shipping worldwide is possible.

P.S. You can even buy without creating an account here. Account is needed only if you want to save your cart or favourites for later. Happy shopping!

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Upcoming events

Solo Exhibition

Sami is creating and sculpting works for the next solo exhibition. Place and time will be announced later.

Group Exhibition

Will be announced later.

Making of a Labyrinth Plate

Sami creates all the tableware and art pieces by hand. Watch how Sami makes a Labyrith plate.

Birth of a Fenix Mug


Watch how Sami creates his legendary Fenix mug.

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